Garage Door Replacement

Why You Should Replace You Old Tilt-Up Garage Door

For years the standard of quality in garage doors was the wooden one-piece tilt-up door. These doors were particularly popular on homes built in the 1960’s and 70’s and, while many continue to operate well, they should be replaced with a modern sectional door.

Here are some things to consider.

Space: Old tilt up doors swing outward away from the door frame and reduce space and/or can hit objects (like your car) in the driveway. Sectional garage doors roll straight up.

Springs: Tilt-up garage doors typically use two very large springs mounted on the sides of the door frame. This type of spring can be very dangerous when they become worn. Modern sectional doors utilize safe torsion spring systems mounted above the door.

Safety: Tilt-up doors are most often wood and can weigh upwards of 300 lbs each. If/when springs fail that weight will swing down and damage objects or injure you or your children if in the way. Modern sectional doors are most often light weight insulated steel construction and weight between 1& 2 hundred pounds.

Insulation: Wooden tilt-up doors have no additional insulating features. Modern sectional doors can be ordered with various types of built in insulation up to R-19 Value.

Connection to the track: Tilt up doors typically have just 2 connection points and rollers – while modern sectional doors have 8-10 connection points. Modern rollers also are ball bearing and are much quieter.

Weather: Because of the tilt up/out design older doors make it difficult to create a good weather barrier/seal. Modern sectional doors are designed to seal out weather much more efficiently.

Security: Older tilt-up doors are significantly easier to break into when compared with modern sectional doors.

Curb appeal: When you consider that the garage door my be the most dominant curbside feature people see when approaching your home – a modern stylish garage door will add curb appeal to any home.

Maintenance: Older tilt-up wooden doors weather and require painting to keep in top condition. Modern sectional doors are most often a backed enamel finish on steel and require no painting.

Repairs: Many garage door companies no longer service these older style doors.

So, bottom line – the modern sectional garage door made from steel are easier to maintain – are safer, work better in weather, provide better insulation – last longer – and because they look great, will increase your curb appeal.  If you have an older tilt-up door – consider upgrading soon.


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